Jordan Art Gallery

A Pause in Time

Catharine will be showing her new exhibition of work; A Pause in Time, 2024 at the Jordan Art Gallery on Main Street in Jordan this July. The exhibition runs from the 1st through to the 31st and is open 7 days a week.

The art is an ambiguous journey through the experience of a transplanted consciousness and as such is autobiographical. The making of artwork is an open journey to express our experiences. Moving between the abstracted and the figurative as one unity; she predominately relies upon her unique colour sense. It is used as a sign and as symbol to both evoke the natural environment and to confirm the social environment while articulating the lived emotions. Catharine starts with an idea that has been developed and responds to the subject (mostly landscape) by sketching ‘en plein air’ in oil or watercolour and sometimes pencil. These preliminary works then move into the studio and are developed further.

Jordan Art Gallery – 3836 Main St. Jordan

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