P.ein-air with Catharine Somerville

Plein-air workshop

The Womens Art Association of Canada present a workshop with Catharine Somerville exploring the use of light, form and colour and pattern values. To be held on May 17th 2022.

In this workshop, artists will go beyond static composition and truly explore movement of lines and the dynamics of the frame to energize their composition and focus on the way light informs shapes and colour. Catharine will start with a demo, then discuss composition secrets an help each artist choose their preferred location in and around WAAC.

Whether it is beginners wishing to start painting ein-plain air or established artists looking to refine their technique, this workshop will help all artists expand on the process of making a painting. A suggested list of materials, a handout and essential reading wing will be sent out before the class.

The idea of plein air is credited to Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (1750-18-19). En Plain air enables artists to better capture the changing light and atmosphere. The idea of en-situ paintings, favoured by the Impressionists comprises an interconnected series of loose brushwork, tonal qualities and softness of line and form. Textures and colours are presented in a relevant range of tonal colours.

For more information and how to register either call 416-922-2060

or email: cal@womensartofcanada.ca

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