Women's Art Association of Canada

Women’s Art Association

The exhibition at the Dignam Gallery of 21st Century women artists celebrating the life of Mary Heister Reid has officially launched. I am delighted to be participating alongside Alison Galley, Heather Gentleman, Mary Lennox Hourd, Carolyn Jongeward, Margaret Rodgers, Jocelyn Shaw and Anita Stein.

On the 8th October there was a launch and signing of a new book commemorating the life of Mary Heister Reid by the author Molly Peacock.

In this sumptuous and precisely researched biography, celebrated poet and biographer Molly Peacock brings Mary Hiester Reid, foremother of painters such as Georgia O’Keefe, out of the shadows, revealing a fascinating, complex woman who insisted on her right to live as a married artist, not as a tragic heroine.

The Dignam Gallery is named after Mary Ella Dignam, a pioneer in this country’s arts and crafts movement, who was the founder and first president of the the Women’s Art Club, to be later renamed the Women’s Art Association of Canada.

The Dignam Gallery – 23 Prince Arthur Avenue, Toronto.  https://womensartofcanada.ca/

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