Interested in an awareness of indigenous cultures, I travelled to Sioux Lookout, Northwestern Ontario. My son happened to be a bush pilot there and flew native people to and from their remote reservations. I was honoured to be able to travel with him on some of the journeys. My eyes were opened wide as I discovered a whole new way of being and thinking for me but which had roots into prehistoric history. Here traditional indigenous beliefs mixed with Christian beliefs to create a religious syncretism. I learned how to offer tobacco to an elder to respect when someone turned their head away.

I met Amo Angeconeb who sadly lost his leg and later his life to diabetes. I asked Amoo to tell me some stories. He replied that it was not a good time for stories as the spirit eye was watching. Stories were reserved for winter he told me, when the spirits were sleeping. I read Killing the Shaman, a true story of Jack Fiddler and his younger brother who were charged with murdering a possessed woman who had turned into the dreaded windigo. The First Nation peoples Woodland Art Style inspired by Norval Morriseau led me to visit the rock carvings /petroglyphs perhaps 5000 years old that inspired Morriseau to create pictorial stories of his culture. These paintings are a testament to my awakening.